[IMAGE] Windows Programming with Shareware Tools Accompanying CD-ROM

What's on the CD-ROM and What's not

The CD-ROM included with this book is the product of meticulous research. While this CD-ROM is smaller than those which are merely raw dumps of popular FTP or BBS sites, there are some important differences:

What you won't find on this CD-ROM is a lot of filler. There are no mammoth archives of .BMP "wallpaper" with swimsuit models, no unauthorized sound bites from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and absolutely no Star Trek (TM) games. The CD-ROM contains only one thing: serious Windows 3.x, Win32, and Windows 95 development tools.

Nothing is worse than investing time into evaluating a shareware product only to find that the author has dropped off the face of the earth. I have close contact with all the authors in this book. Many of them have based improvements to their software on my comments. On a CD-ROM produced by an FTP site or BBS, contact is never made with the author after the initial upload confirmation. Thus, such CD-ROMs have a high failure rate with regards to author support.

CD-ROM Annotated File Listings

The following annotated file list also appears on the CD-ROM in a file called FILES.BBS. The file is formatted for use with PCBoard BBS and is easily convertible to other formats.

                   Files in Directory \PROD on CD-ROM

 File Name       Size   Date     File Description
ALARM14.ZIP     35281  06-10-95  Alarm.VBX v1.4: Fire Events Like Unix "cron"
BARCOD15.ZIP    46410  06-10-95  BarCod.VBX v1.4: Display and Print Barcodes
BMPLST19.ZIP    41870  06-10-95  BmpLst.VBX v1.9: Owner-Draw List Boxes for VB
BOYER04.ZIP     41682  01-27-96  Boyer-Moore v0.4: Fast Text Search in C
CENVI2.ZIP     363036  08-04-95  CEnvi for OS/2: C-like scripting language
CENVID.ZIP     409439  08-04-95  CEnvi for MS-DOS: C-like scripting language
CENVIN.ZIP     446840  08-04-95  CEnvi for Windows NT: C-like script language
CENVIW.ZIP     374769  08-04-95  CEnvi for Windows: C-like scripting language
CMM_WIN.ZIP    229170  08-09-95  CEnvi for Windows:  CMM example files
CTRLZ14.ZIP    519326  01-07-96  ControlZ v1.4: DLL Custom Controls for
                                 Borland C
CXTW107.ZIP    541820  07-24-95  C Exploration Tools for Windows, v1.07:
                                 analyze hierarchy of structures/functions
DFINFO23.ZIP    43194  06-10-95  DFInfo.VBX v2.3: disk and file info from VBX
DLGED100.ZIP    44369  02-13-94  Dialog Editor Controls Pack v1.0:  lets you
                                 add dialog editing to your own application!
DOM113.ZIP    1333095  01-07-96  Object Domain v1.13: OOA/OOD CASE Tool for
                                 Booch methodology
DVCL101.ZIP    528244  08-13-95  Voice Commander v1.01:  Speech recognition
                                 using a .VBX
DXTW107.ZIP    297775  07-24-95  dBASE Exploration Tools for Windows
EDIPRO30.ZIP   324471  04-25-95  EDI Install Pro v3.0:
ERGOTAB.ZIP    186226  03-12-95  ErgoTab.VBX: Tabbed dialog manager
EXECHA.ZIP      52105  08-15-95  EXECHAIN is a program that shrinks the file
                                 size of Windows 3.x 16-bit executable
                                 programs and DLLs by up to 25% without
                                 altering the program's logic
                                 Uploaded by: Frank Haggar
EZINST12.ZIP    54722  07-28-94  EasyInstall v1.2: A simple install set builde
FADER.ZIP       48355  02-17-92  FADER custom control, like a sliding volume
                                 control (freeware)
FI22C.ZIP     1327597  12-04-95  Freeman Installer v2.2C for Windows
FI22W4C.ZIP   1339566  12-04-95  Freeman Installer/Uninstaller v2.2 for
                                 Windows NT
FLABEL10.ZIP    38578  06-10-95  FLabel.VBX v1.0: Label w/Advanced Formatting
FMDROP12.ZIP    28162  06-10-95  FMDrop.VBX v1.0: Drag-and-drop with FileMan
FTP4W24B.ZIP   168403  12-04-95  FTP for Windows v2.4b: Internet FTP client
                                 that uses Winsock transport
FXTW107.ZIP    308156  07-24-95  Fortran Exploration Tools for Windows
GRAPHZ12.ZIP   422737  01-06-96  GraphZ v1.2  2D-graphics plot instrumentation
HELPED19.ZIP   242865  04-09-95  HelpEdit v1.9: Produce help w/o RTF editing
HITIME11.ZIP    24132  06-10-95  HiTime.VBX v1.1: High Resolution Timer,
                                 accuracy up to 1ms
HPGN121.ZIP    197537  04-08-95  HelpGen v1.21: Create help files using ASCII
HWA21_1.ZIP   1454196  01-06-96  Help Writer's Assistant v2.1:  Part 1 of 3
                                 Unzip parts 1-3 into common subdirectory
HWA21_2.ZIP   1383174  01-06-96  Help Writer's Assistant v2.1:  Part 2 of 3
HWA21_3.ZIP    914122  01-06-96  Help Writer's Assistant v2.1:  Part 3 of 3
IMGLIB12.ZIP   270399  07-31-95  ImgLib v1.2: graphics file format read/write
                                 for Windows 3.1/95/NT (BMP/TIF/PCX/JPEG/more)
INICON32.ZIP    30736  06-10-95  IniCon.VBX: Read/write of .INI files w/VBX
INSTEZ15.ZIP   400404  07-31-95  InstallEasy v1.5:  tool creates setup disks
INTLB011.ZIP   288785  07-31-95  Internationalization Controls v1.1: Date, tim
                                 and currency controls that reflect Control
                                 Panel settings.
ISAM120.ZIP    238369  02-19-95  ISAM Manager v1.20: C++ library ISAM/B+tree
                                 with indexes
JOYSTK13.ZIP    52220  06-10-95  Joystk.VBX v1.3:  read joystick w/Properties
LED11.ZIP       35393  06-10-95  LED.VBX v1.3: variety of LED lights
LXTW107.ZIP    296574  07-24-95  Lisp Exploration Tools for Windows, V1.07
MENUEV32.ZIP    34818  06-10-95  MenuEv.VBX v3.2:  tie pre-menu event to
                                 status bars for menu-driven tips
MMPP010.ZIP    553755  05-14-95  Maurizio Maccani Productivity Pack (MMPP)
MODLIB01.ZIP   227405  08-13-95  ModLib:  playback .MOD audio files in Windows
MSLOT12.ZIP     41235  06-10-95  Mailslot.VBX v1.2:  Access Windows for
                                 WorkGroups Mailslots via Properties
MSMEGA10.ZIP   359991  06-10-95  Mabry Software MegaPack v1.0
                                 Alarm1, Barcod1, Bmplst2, Dfinfo2, FMdrop1,
                                 Inicon3, Joystk1, Menuev3, Percnt2, Rotext1,
                                 Soundx1, Zipinf1,
MSSTAT10.ZIP    49031  06-10-95  MSStat.VBX: Multielement status bar for VB
NEWSPY.ZIP      26662  09-16-91  NewSpy v1.0: clone of Windows SDK SPY.EXE
NEWVIE.ZIP     182566  08-15-95  NewView is a file viewer that looks inside
                                 of Windows 3.x EXE/DLL files and shows their
                                 contents in a variety of formats
                                 Uploaded by: Frank Haggar
NOBOOT10.ZIP    41668  06-10-95  NoBoot.VBX v1.0: Disable/enable CTRL-ALT-DEL
OSETUP21.ZIP   456671  07-31-95  O'Setup v2.1:  create install sets
OSHTLS12.ZIP   561917  04-30-95  Olson Software Help Tools v.12
PARSTP30.ZIP    67666  09-22-94  Parser/TP v3.0:  add runtime expression
                                 computation to any app with this DLL
PCL4W12.ZIP     58912  08-07-95  Comm library for windows
                                 Windows API lib written in C - supports COM1-
                                 COM20, IRQ2-IRQ15, multiport boards, to
                                 115200 baud - Shareware by MarshallSoft - $65
PERCNT26.ZIP    36556  06-10-95  PerCnt.VBX v2.6:  flexible thermometer
PICBTN11.ZIP    35127  06-10-95  PicBtn.VBX v1.1:  Owner-draw BMP list boxes
PROBE11.ZIP     39079  06-10-95  Probe.VBX v1.1:  modify the Properties of
                                 any VBX at runtime
PROMPT12.ZIP    24199  03-13-95  Prompt.VBX v1.2: multiline command prompt
                                 with history
QUICKFRM.ZIP  1086833  03-18-95  QuickForm: Generate bound data forms for VB
REGGEN.ZIP     175692  07-26-95  Reggen:  Shareware licensing DLL and toolkit
ROTEXT15.ZIP    43115  06-10-95  RoText.VBX v1.5:  display labels at any angle
RR100.ZIP       42747  07-14-95  Resource Reader v1.1:  extract and view
                                 resources from Win32 executables (not Win16)
SMTDOC.ZIP      48369  05-06-95  SmartDoc for Windows 3.1 only
SMTDOC95.ZIP    48369  09-03-95  SmartDoc95: disassemble Windows .HLP files
                                 into ASCII text or print entire .HLP files
SMTP4W12.ZIP    19885  08-25-95  SMTP for Windows, v1.2:  an API that provides
                                 complete SMTP (POP) mailer calls for Winsock
SOUNDX14.ZIP    34876  06-10-95  Soundx.VBX v1.4: Soundex and Metaphone search
                                 for fuzzy text matching
SPLINE10.ZIP    53584  03-13-95  Spline.DLL v1.0:  compute many variants of
                                 splines with this DLL callable from C/VB/etc
SPMATE15.ZIP   727967  05-04-95  SpelMate v1.5:  DLL adds complete spell check
                                 to any app.  50K word US/UK english dicts.
SS.ZIP          25284  07-28-95  SuperSpy patch (replaces SUPERSPY.EXE in
SWTOOLS.ZIP     55749  01-22-95  SWTools:  tools to manage registration keys f
TASKVW30.ZIP    39324  08-26-95  TaskView 3.0: replacement for Windows TaskMan
                                 also shows DLLs belonging to each window
TCP4W15.ZIP     72069  12-04-95  TCP for Windows v1.5:  an API that lets
                                 you easiily write Telnet apps for Winsock
TIPS11.ZIP      32969  06-10-95  Tips.VBX v1.1: display "Tool Tips" in toolbar
TPODBC.ZIP     262594  05-29-95  TracePlus/ODBC:  Spy on ODBC API calls
TPSQL.ZIP      268145  05-29-95  TracePlus/SQL Server: Spy on SQL Server API
TPWINS.ZIP     252738  05-29-95  TracePlus/Winsock: Spy on Winsock API calls
TPWLIB.ZIP     226211  05-29-95  TracePlus/Windows API:  Spy on Windows API
TTCGOPH.ZIP    524659  10-29-95  TTC Gopher v1.00a: an OCX control for
                                 VB 4.0 for writing Gopher clients
TTCUTIL4.ZIP   605890  01-07-96  TTC Gopher:  additional files required
TTCUTILS.ZIP   462233  01-07-96  TTC Gopher:  additional files required
VBRUN200.ZIP   206220  04-05-93  MS Visual Basic runtime DLL files, v2.00
VBRUN300.ZIP   283371  06-16-93  MS Visual Basic runtime DLL files, v3.00
VBSCRI11.ZIP    54804  05-11-95  VBScript v1.1: VB-like scripting language to
                                 automate design time work
VBXOVR20.ZIP     8564  07-31-95  Overview of VBX Studio v2.0
VBXSTD20.ZIP  1086432  07-31-95  VBX Studio v2.0: 22 innovative VBXs including
                                 VBList, VBCombo VBFList, VBTabFList, VBFCombo
                                 VBEdit, VBSpin VBTab, VB3D,  VBNote.
VBX_WZRD.ZIP   304135  08-29-95  VBX Wizard v2.11: generates skeletons for
                                 you to make your own VBX controls, using
                                 C, Pascal, or Delphi
VCL_WZRD.ZIP   342985  12-28-95  VCL Wizard v2.11: generates skeletons for
                                 you to make your own VBX controls, using
                                 C, Pascal, or Delphi
VER10.ZIP       52796  06-10-95  Ver.VBX v1.0: Access VER.DLL w/mini-installer
VLIB250.ZIP    541144  03-10-95  VisuaLib v2.50: 3D library for 3D rendering
                                 texture mapping, light sources, shading, more
WAVE10.ZIP      41948  06-10-95  Wave.VBX v1.0: Play/read attributes of .WAV
WB50Q32D.ZIP  1130893  06-15-95  WinBatch v5.0Q for Win32: structured batch
                                 language and macro recorder
WB51A16I.ZIP  1030482  06-15-95  WinBatch v5.1 beta for Windows
WB51A32I.ZIP   964599  06-15-95  Winbatch v5.1 beta for Win32
WCLASS16.ZIP   370022  07-19-95  With Class v1.6: OOA/OOD CASE Tool supporting
WCLASS25.ZIP  1151746  08-04-95  With Class v2.5: OOA/OOD CASE Tool supporting
WDJFEB92.ZIP    60539  11-29-92  Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, Feb 1992
                                 Contains files related to FADER.ZIP
WDJMAR92.ZIP    85980  11-29-92  Windows/DOS Developer's Journal, Mar 1992
                                 Contains files related to FADER.ZIP
WINZIP95.EXE   345015  08-31-95  WinZip v6.0 for Windows 95 and NT:  extract
                                 install, and uninstall software from WinZip
WTERM12.ZIP     66685  08-10-95  Example Terminal program -- Windows terminal
                                 program with state driven ASCII, XMODEM, and
                                 YMODEM. Requires PCL4W12. By MarshallSoft
WZ60WN16.EXE   320779  08-31-95  WinZip v6.0 for Windows 3.1: extract, install
                                 and uninstall software all from inside WinZip
WZIPSE10.EXE   122363  08-29-95  WinZip Self-Extracting Builder v1.0:  create
                                 self-extracting .EXEs that unzip in Windows
Z257UP.ZIP     112439  08-06-95  Zip Studio API v2.57 (upgrade only)
Z3DC.ZIP        43172  03-18-95  Z3DC: installable driver enforces 3D-look
                                 controls, with C source
ZIPINF12.ZIP    40062  06-10-95  ZipInf.VBX v1.2: view a ZIP file table of
ZSAPI25A.ZIP   546563  08-06-95  Zip Studio API v2.5 (Part 1 of 2): complete
                                 API for zipping and unzipping.
ZSAPI25B.ZIP   569570  08-06-95  Zip Studio API v2.5 (Part 2 of 2)
ZSSHL25.ZIP    671241  08-06-95  Zip Shell v2.5: for use with Zip Studio
                   Files in Dire ctory \DOC on CD-ROM

-------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
 File Name       Size   Date      File Description
-------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
WING TXT        5508   05-25-95  Microsoft press release describing Win/G
WINSDK.TXT     80230   03-20-95  CompuServe WINSDK Forum file listing
SSPR.TXT        1019   07-18-95  Shareware Software Problem Report
PSL.TXT        12167   07-02-95  Public software Library info for authors/users
MEGAPOST.TXT   19753   06-27-95  Megapost upload service for shareware authors
WINSHARE.TXT  231968   07-18-95  CompuServe WINSHARE Forum file listing
SUBMIT.TXT      1739   08-21-95  Submit your own products for a future edition
                                 of this book.  Complete forms and instructions
REGNET.TXT      2365   07-18-95  RegNet registration service for authors/users
ASPDISK.TXT      850   07-18-95  Association of Shareware Professionals
                                 Complete catalog on disk for $7.50
WALNUTCR.TXT   36597   07-19-95  Walnut Creek catalog of shareware CD-ROMS
WUGNET1.TXT   668823   07-19-95  CompuServe WUGNET Forum File listing, 1 of 3
WUGNET2.TXT   629359   07-19-95  CompuServe WUGNET Forum File listing, 2 of 3
WUGNET3.TXT   527244   07-19-95  CompuServe WUGNET Forum File listing, 3 of 3
WOLRIDX1.ZIP  146209   07-18-95  WinOnline Review:  index of 1200 shareware
                                 reviews available at Windows Online BBS